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Intranet 5 reasons why your company needs one right now

Intranet 5 razones por las que tu empresa necesita una ahora mismo


An intranet for employee self-management is an internal company platform that allows human talent to perform various tasks and manage their personal and professional information. This platform can be used for different purposes, some benefits are:

Human resources management: employees can access their personal data, update their contact information, record their work hours, request vacations, manage their benefits, review their work history, etc.
Internal communication: the intranet can serve as an internal communication channel between employees and company management, as well as between the employees themselves. You can share news, events, updates, announcements, etc.
Training and development: The platform can include training and professional development resources for employees, such as online courses, learning materials, tutorials, etc.
Project management: employees can collaborate on projects via the intranet, share documents, assign tasks, schedule meetings, etc.
Collaboration and Teamwork: The intranet can serve as a collaboration and teamwork platform for employees, facilitating communication, information sharing, and coordination.
In summary, an intranet for employee self-management is a very useful tool to improve productivity, communication and collaboration in the company.