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News and Technology

What makes us different

At Disocom we focus on understanding our clients' business and working passionately towards providing digital solutions to the productive sectors of each company or business, thus contributing to the achievement of goals and objectives.

To amplify information

Strategic Alliances

We provide guarantees

Disocom eCommerce

Much more than a website, a tool at the service of the growth of your company or venture, we develop online stores and web pages that go beyond a digital catalog thanks to our tools.

We provide your website with technology and innovation with solutions that allow you to connect to a network of infinite business opportunities.

Disocom CRM

Correctly manage the relationship with your customers and identify the most successful sales strategies of your sales team, while having a general visualization of the results, which will allow you to make the necessary adjustments, all in one place and with great ease. of use.

Disocom Intranet

The easiest way to centralize information with your employees and generate value through the automation of services of the Human Management area, which will allow them to optimize time and get involved in work activities more actively, generating a better work environment.

Information analysis

We transform the data into real opportunities to achieve your objectives, our tools allow you to read the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities of companies, services and products published on the internet.

Client Portfolio

We actively participate to get to know your market and understand how it works, in this way we maximize the scope of all the company's strategies.