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Advantages of using a CRM

Ventajas de utilizar un CRM


A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a tool used to manage customer relationships and optimize sales of a company.

From Disocom CRM we want to mention some of the advantages of using a CRM in the cloud:

Greater efficiency in customer management:
A CRM helps to centralize customer information in a single database, which allows for more efficient management of the same, more complete and accurate customer profiles can be created, which facilitates monitoring and segmentation of the database. of data.

Improved communication with customers:
A CRM allows you to automate communication processes with customers, such as sending emails or making calls. In addition, thanks to centralized information, communications can be personalized and adapted to the needs and preferences of each client.

Productivity increase:
A CRM allows you to save time in customer management, which translates into an increase in the productivity of sales teams and customer service, focusing on tasks with greater added value such as making new sales or personalized advice to current customers to grow. the amount of the negotiations

Improved sales tracking:
A CRM allows detailed monitoring of the sales process by advisor, sales channel and in general, from capturing leads to closing the sale, this makes it easier to identify sales opportunities and carry out more effective commercial actions. .

Improved decision making:
A CRM provides relevant information about customers and their purchasing behavior, which allows better decisions to be made in terms of sales strategies, customer segmentation or loyalty actions.

In short, using a CRM can help companies improve customer management and increase the efficiency and productivity of their sales and customer service teams.

Miguel Zambrano
Cloud CRM Consultant