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Portal for Suppliers more than a fashion

Portal para Proveedores más que una moda


Like a CRM for a few years, Supplier Portals have become an indispensable tool in the "information age" that offers much more than digitizing a process and optimizing resources,

It is an online platform used by many companies to manage the relationship with their suppliers that provides that audience with access to important information and resources related to the company, such as purchasing policies and procedures, quality requirements, payment terms and conditions, requests quotes and purchase orders.

Vendor portals also allow you to update your contact information and send electronic invoices, which simplifies and speeds up the payment process. At the same time, companies can use the portal to track the activity of their suppliers, ensuring that delivery deadlines are met and adequate quality levels are maintained.

A vendor portal offers several benefits to both vendors and the companies that hire them. Some of the main benefits are described below:

Greater efficiency: The supplier portal allows greater efficiency in the management of purchasing, payment and communication processes, which translates into saving time and resources.

Better visibility: Suppliers have better visibility of the company's purchasing policies and processes, which allows them to better adapt to the needs of the company and provide a better response.

Cost reduction – Automating processes through the vendor portal can reduce transaction costs, including the time and resources required to handle invoices and purchase orders.

Increased Collaboration: The Supplier Portal improves collaboration between companies and their suppliers, which can lead to better quality and higher customer satisfaction.

Better risk management: The real-time information provided by the supplier portal allows companies to better manage risks and take proactive steps to address quality or delivery issues.

In general, a supplier portal helps improve the relationship between the company and its suppliers, which can lead to better quality of products and services, higher levels of customer satisfaction, and greater benefits for both parties. It is an important tool for the efficient management of the supply chain, improving communication and collaboration between companies and their suppliers.

miguel zambrano
Cloud CRM Consultant