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Know Disocom CRM

Facilitate the growth of your business

Disocom CRM Software facilitates both the relationship with customers, such as the purchasing and collection processes within the organization. It is also a reliable source of information to know in detail the growth of the sales team.

Improve the quality of your services

Enter the world of e-business

Today's competitive companies have understood and learned that success must be sought in managing a successful Customer Relationship. Making it more and more frequent that it is the company that brings the products to the client and not the client who comes directly to acquire them.

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Use current relationships to increase sales

Sell ​​more efficiently and quickly. We digitize, automate and follow your quotes.

Perform accounting processes automatically and easily

Specialized module for portfolio control that allows complete management of accounts receivable.

Give each customer exactly what they need

We integrate, verify and dispatch your orders with the Purchase Orders Module.

Know all the details of how to implement Disocom CRM

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Solve your doubts with an expert in customer service.
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