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Price web pages How much to pay and why?

Precio paginas web ¿Cuánto pagar y porque?


When we think about hiring the design or development of the website for our company, business or brand, the money variable is present to determine the success or failure of the project, if when looking for a web solution the most important question is how much is it worth, very surely you are condemning your project to failure; Here are some recommendations when hiring, because the problem is not the price, it is the purpose of your website, so before hiring, answer the following questions:

  1. Why do I want a website?
  2. Do I understand that it is a web page?
  3. What should my website do to achieve my goal?
  4. Is just a web page enough to achieve my goals?
  5. Do I understand how a web page is administered?
  6. Do I have the necessary material to build a web page?
  7. Is just one person enough to run a successful website?

If you have not yet asked these questions then you should not continue looking for a solution, stop now and go back to review your goals.

On the internet we find a large number of services to create free web pages, we would not have to pay a single dollar to build our first website on the internet, but can these solutions achieve my goals and objectives? Are these platforms committed to my company or business? very surely not, or perhaps not for this "Free" price and this is where you really begin to build or trace the path to the success of your portal, with these questions.

If even after reading the above your question is still how much value to build my website, then you should also ask yourself, how much is the time you would have to spend to learn how to create your own website worth?

Some free website platforms are:

  • Wix
  • jimdo
  • jivochat
  • canvas
  • odoo
  • wordpress
  • hubspot
  • Adobe
  • Google

To mention just a few or the most important ones, continuing with our story, today we could not tell you what the price of your website is, it would be irresponsible since we still do not know your goals and/or objectives, what we can affirm is that the path that It begins with the question: How much does a web page cost? It is usually the most expensive for companies, businesses, brands and people.