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Know Ecommerce B2B y B2C

Increases the quality of care and service of your company

Our B2B solution facilitates communication between companies thanks to the development of our customer portal, this tool allows you to place orders, quote products, download documents, send requirements, etc... shortening distances and allowing self-management.

Create tailored strategies

Attract the right companies

We configure our tools around the needs and objectives of each company, business or person, this allows us to join the commercial strategies generating a positive synergy to achieve positive results.

Offer your human team the necessary tools to increase sales

Unlimited training and support from our customer service team guarantee the correct use of the tools and the management of feedback or recommendations to improve the system in a timely manner.

Create 24/7 self-service shopping experiences

Our platform allows the personalization of the entire sales process on the Internet, thus allowing us to offer a unique and easy-to-remember experience that allows our clients to have a constant flow of sales.

Flexible trading platform in the cloud

Elastic cloud servers, which react according to the service needs of each of our clients, guaranteeing uninterrupted operation and maintaining resource capacity above demand.

About eCommerce B2B y B2C

Frequent questions

B2B and B2C advantages: what are they and how do they work?

B2B (business to business): It is the business model in which commercial transactions are carried out between companies.

B2C (business to consumer): Transactions are made between businesses and consumers, here we include online stores and marketplaces.

What are the differences between B2B and B2C sales?

  • B2B allows establishing relationships with other companies through channels that allow them to access benefits designed exclusively for them.

  • B2C has a greater scope as it is aimed at the final consumer, facilitating the promotion and marketing of products to a broader audience.

  • B2B facilitates large-scale distribution and marketing by marketing directly to companies that guarantee volume purchase and avoid the associated logistics and promotional cost to the end customer.

  • B2C helps to strengthen relationships with the consumer, which translates into knowing first-hand impressions, suggestions and recommendations from those who actually use or consume your products.

  • B2B maximizes the operation and reduces the consumption of human resources to carry out any type of negotiation, making the purchase and dispatch process more sustainable and less susceptible to errors.

B2B e-commerce is the online sale of a company's products or services to other companies. That is, a B2B company has an online store on the web and sells its products or services on that site to other companies.

Tools that help drive sales

Discover our solutions for B2C by clicking here and the tools for B2B entering our CRM here

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