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The Best Intranet for the Best Team at the Best Prices We Facilitate Certified Permits Calendars and More

La Mejor Intranet para el Mejor Equipo a los Mejores Precios Facilitamos Permisos Certificados Calendarios y Mas


We facilitate the management and control of benefits and responsibilities of your collaborators.

From $50,000 Month in Disocom CRM you find:

  1. Request work permits.
  2. Download labor certificates.
  3. Download payroll stubs.
  4. Download documents, guides or educational information.
  5. Access the company's calendar of events and activities.
  6. Participate with ideas to innovate or improve areas or activities in the company.
  7. Access economic benefits such as; aid, bonuses, credits, agreements.
  8. Receive emotional benefits such as; licenses, days off, vacations, calamities.

Engage your employees and create a more productive workplace

Disocom Intranet It is an essential communication channel for any company, not only because it helps to formalize the flow of communication, but also makes it easier to consolidate the organizational culture.

Give your employees the freedom and flexibility they want.

We digitize the management of work permits or absences, downloads of labor certificates and their monitoring.

Motivate your human team with emotional and/or economic benefits

Recognizing a job well done becomes the key to success in terms of team motivation.

Manage the work of your teams in one place

The calendar module is a very useful tool that allows you to have control of all the activities of your collaborators.