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What is a CRM?



The acronym CRM comes from English, customer relationship management, that is, relationship management with customers and consumers. A CRM is a management tool that especially serves as a great support to the commercial area and is helpful for other areas such as marketing, customer service, portfolio, offices and even for management follow-up.

From the same screen you can have greater control of sales information by city, by advisor, segment customers based on purchasing behavior, regions, by distribution channel or according to need. Having the details of the data also helps to establish more personalized and efficient communications with customers. Some of the objectives when hiring a CRM are to accompany and assist the sales force to carry out their work with clients in a professional manner since from You can access the same place from company documents, inventories, invoices, portfolio, price lists by channels, product and service catalogs. Even entering purchase orders, orders, reviewing compliance with goals, among other activities.

Another important aspect of CRM is that it allows you to automate processes, reducing times and costs in business management. In turn, the directives can identify the level of productivity of the sales team.

The foregoing translates into improving customer service, well-being for the sales team and profitability for the Companies. Request a free diagnosis of a personalized CRM for your sales team