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Web Page Design What is more important, design or functionality?

Diseño de Paginas Web ¿Que es lo mas importante el diseño o la funcionalidad?


When we think about building a website on the internet, 99% of the time we decide to start with the design and this is usually a mistake. In the construction or development of a website, the most important thing is the definition of the objective of the project. As a company we believe it is important to define real and measurable objectives, before starting the conversation about the design and appearance of a web page, mainly because these are the ones that define the way in which the portal will be used and these are key when talking to a designer is about.

Not all the most beautiful or attractive web pages or platforms are the most successful on the Internet, on the contrary, when we talk about digital success we always find portals whose functionalities or objectives are so well defined that they make it easier for the user to understand and adopt them, allowing these become part of their day to day, because the initial conversation is not focused on whether they consider it beautiful or not and is more focused on solving a problem or making a task easier.

When you think of a successful online store or a popular application, you will always come across comments and reviews from users who talk about their experience, how practical and easy it is to use and access said tool at all times and above all how has improved and facilitated some activity that was previously impossible or difficult to perform. In short, the design when creating or developing a web portal should not be the highest priority or the main issue to define, on the contrary, the tools, solutions and objectives should be the most determining factors at all times. If the company or person that helps you with this project does not take it into account, you will surely be making more mistakes.